5 Benefits of Tablet POS

10th April 2019 2

April 10, 2019 18:22 pm by Maria Bowes Reduced upfront and long-term costs Compared to a traditionally integrated point-of-sale, which can cost tens of thousands in upfront fees for equipment and setup, a tablet POS system relies on standard computing equipment, such as an iPad or Android tablet or Windows tablet. In addition to the…

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Restaurant Online Ordering

11th October 2019 0

Ghost restaurants, also known as delivery-only or virtual eateries, are increasing in number. In Gauteng and the Western Cape, South Africa, the number of ghost restaurants has increased significantly. Seen that one can not walk in and order from a menu. Ghost restaurants work differently from standard restaurants and quick service restaurants and take orders…

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Used POS Hardware

8th October 2019 0

So you decided to buy a new POS system for your business. Received a couple of quotes and then think, hang on I can buy used hardware and software and save a lot of money. Websites like Gumtree and OLX has made it very easy to get onto the Web and shop around for used…

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4 tips for training staff on a POS System

3rd October 2019 2

One of the most overlooked aspects is training staff on a POS system. Few industries change faster than restaurant and retail. When you’re managing either a store or restaurant, you have no choice but to keep up with developments in tech and customer service. These days, as wireless and mobile technology continues to grow, more…

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Restaurant POS Benefits of StorePoint

29th September 2019 0

StorePoint Restaurant POS software can provide a reduction in theft and an increase efficiency. According to a study by Cornell University on why restaurants fail, an estimated 26 percent of restaurants do not make it past the first year mark. The secret to making any restaurant operation successful is active management. Monitoring employee performance, offering top-notch customer…

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Windows 7 Support Discontinued

20th September 2019 2

Microsoft recently announced that it will officially begin the Windows 7 end of life phase on Jan. 14, 2020. On that day, the company will stop supporting Windows 7 on laptops and desktops, and will no longer patch it with security updates. Although Microsoft Windows 7 is still widely in use, even after 10 years it will not be easy…

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Benefits of restaurant management software

5th August 2019 0

Restaurant management styles vary depending on the type of establishment, but the one thing that restaurants have in common is that they exist to make a profit. Restaurant management software helps managers maximize profits, reduce costs, and provide an exceptional customer experience. Suitable restaurant management software provides the benefits of increased efficiencies and reduced mismanagement. What is…

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StorePoint POS integration Uber Eats

18th July 2019 2

We are proud to announce that StorePoint POS can now integrate with Uber Eats, which means that your customer can place an order with his smartphone. Your order is captured correctly by the customer and forwarded to StorePoint POS. The Restaurant can then either receive the order or it can reject the order depending on…

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