Android POS as become very popular in recent years. It offers a new platform with a lot of benefits to users of Android POS. You will agree that running a restaurant is a chaotic process. From maintaining the soothing ambiance to keeping the food quality and from keeping track of employee accounts to managing customer orders, it requires to perform a plethora of tasks. Carrying such functions in a traditional approach is no way going to help restaurant owners create more sales and profits. Instead, they may have to face a lower number of customers and subsequent revenue loss.

Toward this, an Android POS system can help to run your restaurant efficiently by assisting in managing overall administration. From amplified customer service to secure transactions and billings, everything you can handle digitally using the POS system on your mobile or tablet.

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Android POS Systems

Let’s look at the essentials of Android POS systems and their advantages for the restaurant businesses.

What is Android POS?

An Android POS (Point of Sale) system is a cloud-based, mobile, and tablet friendly system that works on an Android OS platform. You can connect it with any of your smartphones or tablets working on Android. The front-end of the mobile POS (mPOS) app helps to perform all the restaurant-critical functions such as taking orders, generating bills, and more. While, the back-end web interface enables you to manage customer database, inventory, accounts, sales, and more with real-time reporting.

Further, you can connect multiple devices as a part of your Android POS hardware, including:

Benefits for a Restaurant Business:

1. Continuous Connection
An Android POS solution can work on both wireless and Ethernet connections. Therefore, you can smoothly run the restaurant operations without worrying about the interruptions in the WiFi network.
Many hybrid POS systems come with “Offline Mode,” which allows you to use the system even without the internet connection. Once the relationship gets established, the data transferred to the cloud automatically, and you can access it from anywhere using your device. However, you cannot generate new sales reports or process credit card transactions in an offline mode.

2. Portability
Unlike the traditional POS systems, which were stationary, the modern mPOS devices are incredibly portable. It offers your staff the freedom of movement around your restaurant with handheld tools.
You can take the device at the customer’s table to receive the order, use it as a cash register on the counter, and perform a lot more other tasks. As Android mobile and tablet POS are lightweight and easy-to-carry, they are becoming more popular.

3. Attractive, User-Friendly UI
Who doesn’t like an intuitive, reliable, easy-to-navigate app interface? As most of the users are familiar with the Android Operating Systems nowadays, it becomes easy for them to adapt to your new, modern POS terminal.

4. Suggestive Selling
Suggestive selling helps you to generate higher sales and profits. For example, when a server gets the order from the customer, the POS app suggests appetizer, food customization options, and more. Based on the order, the server then asks the customer to order fillers, mostly upsell menu items.
Such an automated menu suggestion feature provides a better recommendation to customers so that they can enjoy their food more. Besides, it helps servers to upsell and make more profits for your restaurant.

5. Better Customer Experience
Today, every business’s success depends on how it delivers quality service to its customers, and the restaurant industry is no exception. As your servers are always available on the floor, the customers do not need to wait long to place their orders. Also, with the real-time updated “food menu list” on the device, the server can directly inform the customers if they order an 86’d item.
Besides, when a customer asks about the ingredients in the food items to check whether it is allergic, the server can directly check on the handheld device instead of searching for the chef to get the right answer. All this saves a significant amount of time for customers to get the food item on their table and enable you to provide better customer turnaround.

6. Smooth & Increased Table Turns
Once the server takes the order on a POS device, the display system in the kitchen shows the number of dishes with add-ons. Chefs then can prepare the food accordingly and update it in the system once the order is ready. The server gets an automatic notification on his/her POS app for the food that is prepared to serve. It saves the time of servers from running back and forth to the kitchen and customer’s table.
As the order processing becomes fast so that your staff can serve more customers in less time. Also, the customer wait time reduces, which increases the scope of repeating customers for your restaurant. As a result, your business drives more customers, and your sales increase significantly.

7. Faster Billing
The bill generation and payment process can be done through the mPOS machine directly. It allows customers to eliminate the need for standing in the line to pay bills or waiting for their credit cards back from the servers. It saves time for the customers as well as makes the server worry-free.

8. Scalability
You can quickly scale an Android POS solution as per your business requirement. Whether you want to update your inventory, add new hardware devices to your existing POS terminal, or integrate employee and customer data across your branches, you can do all such operations hassle-free.

An Android-based POS system helps to streamline your restaurant business operations and make your staff and customers happy. However, there are many point-of-sale systems available in the market, which do not necessarily fit every business’s needs. Therefore, it is recommended to leverage Android app development services from a reliable partner. They can help you with the right software solution support to keep up with the industry demand and stay ahead of your competition.

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