We are often asked by prospective clients why StorePoint cloud-based POS would make an excellent choice when choosing a point of sale system, and here are the reasons:

Benefits of Cloud-based POS
Benefits of Cloud POS

1. Flexibility

A StorePoint POS can be accessed from any devices as long as it has a browser. From a phone or a tablet, from work or from your sofa, you will always have access to your data. Managing your business doesn’t mean that you have to be in your store anymore. So there is no need for third-party applications like Teamviewer, which you need to pay for and use on enterprise level.

2. Mobility

Besides managing your business from home, a cloud-based POS system also allows you to be mobile inside the store. As the system can be used from a portable device, it allows sellers to move around with the equipment. It would also assist in receiving stock or doing stock takes. So Information is captured live. This can be very practical as vendors can have the product’s information quickly available. Moreover, this feature is extremely used in restaurants as it allows waitresses to automatically send orders to the kitchen printer, and take payments at the customer’s tables. Having a StorePoint POS, therefore, improves customer service and efficiency.

3. Real-Time Processing

As soon as an item is sold, the cloud-based POS system instantly saves the information. Sales reports, stocks and customer information are always updated. In addition, when an item is counted or received, it will also update immediately making it an interactive system.

4. Secure Backup

With a StorePoint POS system, data is always saved online, which makes the system safer. Additionally, as everything is automatic, you don’t need to worry about where and how often your data needs to be backed up. In addition, we don’t have to install updates as it is done from the back end which is in the cloud.

5. No High Up-Front Costs

Most of the times a cloud-based POS system can be installed on your existing device, which will save you from buying an expensive hard drive, such as a computer. Regarding the software, it can come for free to up to $69-00 per month, depending on the configuration you use. The cost of the program varies depending on the number of cash registers, the number of items in the store and the number of vendors. Additionally, you will generally need to pay a low monthly fee. This will typically be between $40 and $69, and the fee can be fixed or based on credit card processing charges.

6. Personalized POS System

A cloud-based POS system has many different options and you can decide which ones you need for your store and which ones you don’t. Marketing, accounting and loyalty programs can be totally adapted to your needs. You might need a management option to help you successfully control your employees. Also, it could maybe profit your store to have a powerful loyalty program that could advertise your business.

7. Have the Latest Trend

In today’s world technology is moving very fast, and you don’t want to have your new equipment obsolete a few weeks of possession. A cloud-based POS system can usually be updated easily and for free. New versions secure you will always have the latest trend and the best available tools. Updates are installed automatically and there is no need for scheduled maintenance.

8. Keep track of your Performance

StorePoint POS can easily be upgraded, and it can track your growth and business needs. StorePoint POS offers apps that can assit in productivity, like operational information on a smartphone. So you will stay informed on the go.

Even if a cloud based POS system seems perfect, there are a few points to check before opting for this option. Check how you can transfer your data from your existing POS system, and if the provider will help you in this process. Also, you need to be sure you have a powerful internet connection or a software that can run without it, and synchronize when you are back online. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t receive any payments.

Are you tempted with the advantages and importance of having a cloud based POS system at your store? Before making a choice, you need to know which features your business needs. This will require some research on the different options and available suppliers. We can help you with this process!

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