How often do restaurants have to gray out certain menus on the list for unavailability because of a lack of certain ingredients? POS software does away with the embarrassment and inconvenience, while the best of them keep track of repeat customers and give them the rewards they deserve no matter if they’re switching branches of your restaurant.

In this article, you’ll read about what we found to be the 20 best POS systems for restaurants in the market today based on core features, restaurant management tools, ease of use and more. These applications would typically provide the same core functions, so watch out for other things like the hardware you would need to purchase on top of the software or which mobile platform it runs on. You would also do well to keep a keen eye on vendor reputation for providing timely updates and customer service.

leading POS solutions

What are the top POS restaurant management systems for 2020?

  1. Toast POS
  2. TouchBistro
  3. Sapaad
  4. Upserve
  5. Revel Systems POS
  6. POS Nation
  7. CAKE
  8. Cybersys POS
  9. Webnexs Wcomm
  10. A&B POS
  1. Square POS
  2. Miva Merchant
  3. Lavu
  4. Lightspeed Restaurant
  5. Clover
  6. ShopKeep
  7. Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  8. QuickBooks POS
  9. Zomato Base
  10. Harbortouch

More Americans are eating out than cooking at home today. And looking at the sales progression of the restaurant industry, presented in the chart below, the trend has never shown any signs of slacking off.  379379590590863863200020102019025050075010002010: 590

Restaurant Industry Sales from 2000 to 2019

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That’s good news for restaurant owners. Even better is that they can utilize technology to further fuel this growth by improving how things are run behind the counter. In fact, our restaurant statistics show how technology is one of the biggest factors in gaining an edge in today’s fierce competitive restaurant industry.

Many of the leading POS-based restaurant management systems have a combination of useful functions, melding POS with back-office and front-end features. They also provide you with more integrations as you work your way to adding more functions, where necessary. 

Consider also some of the POS features that are most useful to your line of business. Most establishments point to the availability of quick keys or product lookup as a very useful feature to facilitate rapid response to purchase orders or just customer queries. Speed is the key, and these simple buttons or icons should do the trick.

Those who are more aggressive could be at home with the more technical shortcut keys to get to speed when dealing with customers who expect to be served fast. For technology concerns, consider the availability of Bluetooth as an option for fast alternative payment over wifi. It’s almost unimaginable that Bluetooth would get back on the groove after all these years, but things took a turn in its favor after the removal of the headphone jack in some mobile devices and Bluetooth itself became blazingly fast.

Whether you’re planning to get into this exciting industry or are already in it, understand that competition is stiff and almost always, between two restaurants with an equally successful menu, how efficient you provide customer service is the deal-breaker. Hence, getting your POS right off the bat is crucial.

1. Toast POS

toast POS dashboard

Toast POS is one of the few providers of an Android POS system, which is more suitable for restaurants due to the flexibility and affordability of the Android infrastructure. Android devices offer more options, provide faster software updates and have more customization options than the iPad. The software caters to quick-service and full-service establishments, with a configurable toolset for nightclubs, pizzerias, bars, and chains in the US. Users can turn to the huge Toast community to share or receive best practice tips. The vendor offers a comprehensive look at its features.

More than a POS system, Toast POS provides a comprehensive restaurant management system that streamlines front-end and back-office processes. It also integrates CRM to help you nurture customer loyalty. Overall, Toast POS can enhance staff efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

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For one, servers can split menu items and bills among customers. The system can also send alerts to service when an order is ready. Likewise, servers can take orders on the fly. Using a system-enabled Android tablet, servers can process payments, print receipts or send them via email at tableside.

Customizing the menu is also easy. You can set time-specific menu pricing, for instance, during happy hours, or configure different menu sets for online and offline customers. You can also set up menus for different subgroups.

Other main functions include customer management, staff performance tracking, product mix reports to identify your best-sellers and a kiosk system for digital ordering at restaurants. Toast POS is such a comprehensive restaurant system that it’s also the leading product in our list of best restaurant management software.

What makes Toast POS unique?

  1. Supports multiple check options.
  2. It’s one of a few end-to-end restaurant management systems that support Android for tableside management
  3. Provides a subscription-based pricing model based on the core software and also offers add-on modules such as loyalty programs, online ordering, and physical and digital gift cards
  4. Offers bundled hardware with a one-time pricing option.
  5. Provides options to automate loyalty and discount program process flows
  6. Allows the sending of daily email digests on key performance indicators to help owners and managers track staff performance and kitchen efficiency.

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2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro dashboard

TouchBistro is one of the most used and popular iPad-based POS systems, which caters to both quick service and full-service establishments of any size. It fits the processes and dynamics of restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs, as well as food trucks, bakeries, and fast-casual. The tableside POS enables staff to serve customers efficiently from showcasing the menu to order taking, to checkout and payment. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. 

After testing dozens of POS systems, we found TouchBistro to be a top-of-the-line EMV-compliant system that also integrates an end-to-end restaurant management system. Aside from tableside service efficiency, the system helps you with staff management and scheduling, menu management and inventory management using iPad-accessible tools.


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Its POS features help you transact faster while reducing manual error and increasing dining-counter-kitchen coordination with in-app communications. It’s also quick to generate transactional reports like payment and refund totals, detailed credit card refund and reporting. The system also accommodates gift cards and loyalty deals.

Furthermore, TouchBistro provides versatile admin controls and customization tools. Menu items can be assigned to multiple ticket printers. You can also hide menu categories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or remove instantly unavailable items. Similarly, you have full security control of the system. Also, TouchBistro is actually one of the best on-premise POS systems in the market today.

Aside from POS features, TouchBistro has robust reporting and remote management. Features include sales snapshots, void reports by employee, detailed credit card payment reports and detailed shift reports. The system is also integrated with accounting functions, such as CFDI support, tax reports, and Bevintel reports.

What makes TouchBistro unique?

  1. Flexible menu display: hide items or categories; add/edit items with full descriptions; remove out-of-stock items; and different menu views (images, color-coded and list)
  2. iPad POS system allows your staff to manage orders, accept payments and split bills at tableside, greatly increasing service efficiency
  3. Wide range of POS tools specific to the unique needs of quick service and full-service businesses
  4. Wide array of payment partners including PayPal, Square, Apple, and Xero
  5. Comprehensive feature set beyond the POS system, including sales reports, accounting, staff management, and inventory management
  6. Rich customization toolset for menu management, security control, floorplan, taxation, cashier workflows, payments
  7. Sales features provide an overview of your restaurant’s operations
  8. Staff management features cover various aspects of daily employee workflows such as clock-in/clock-out, section assignments and hourly wage calculations

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3. Sapaad

Sapaad dashboard

Sapaad is cloud-based, easy to set up and easy to use point-of-sale software that accommodates multiple franchises and branches.

It provides recipe management and food costing, purchase management, stock management and inventory, along with a powerful reporting capability. With its recipe management, you can set ingredients as you see fit and instantly see the effects of each change on the cost of your menu items.


Try out Sapaad with their free trialVISIT WEBSITE

Its purchase management feature lets you tweak purchase orders and receive goods against invoices conveniently. You may also manage the supplier database, generate conversion measurement units across ingredients, track ingredient and finished goods costs. This product is considered as a good Toast POS alternative, in case our top pick appealed to you but for some reason, you needed something else.

What makes Sapaad unique?

  1. A Delivery Assistant mobile app synchronizes your POS with your driver’s mobile phone. This gives you effective communication with your delivery drivers even during the busiest of hours.
  2. A fully-featured, integrated call center module allows you to set up a central call center and have agents take orders for all your locations.
  3. Boost customer engagement by building a comprehensive customer database with customer insights, including contact information, order history, preferences, and more. This empowers your order-taking staff, boosting the quality of your customer engagement.
  4. Tracking home deliveries in real-time allows you to monitor every stage of your home delivery process and optimize overall efficiency.

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4. Upserve

Upserve dashboard

Upserve (formerly Upserve Breadcrumb POS) is a restaurant-grade POS designed for modern restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and bars looking to improve operational efficiency. Featuring an easy to use interface and sleek terminals, the solution enables restaurant staff to deliver exceptional services that grow repeat business. Its menu intelligence leverages POS data and cloud technology to help you optimize menu and inventory management.

Additionally, Upserve facilitates digital ordering experience thanks to its online order features. With online ordering, guests can order in real-time and the orders go straight to your kitchen once they are accepted on Upserve. This offers a seamless experience to your customers and makes life easier for staff.

Furthermore, Upserve integrates with Upserve Payments and Upserve HQ to deliver a comprehensive POS system that helps you streamline the entire restaurant management process. Other notable features include server performance, tableside ordering, split checks, reporting, signature on-screen, item notes, shift notes, EMV, and table map.

What makes Upserve unique?

  1. It offers a full-featured training mode and initial staff training,which make it easy to use.
  2. Quick menu searches allow you to spend less time searching items and more time serving guests.
  3. It provides split checks to simplify check management.
  4. Its menu intelligence provides insights that make it easy to pinpoint dishes that are liked by customers.
  5. Its online ordering integrates with the POS to make ordering easy and faster.

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5. Revel Systems POS

Revel Systems POS dashboard

Revel Systems POS is a scalable POS system that enables you to right-size the tools you just need. It covers quick service, full service and retail for both their front-end and back-office processes. Notably, its POS system is integrated with finance and accounting tools. It’s targeted at restaurants, bars, breweries, cinemas, salons, and grocery stores.

Revel Systems POS is actually a full-scale restaurant management system. The POS features include cash management, table management, and delivery management. It’s built on a hybrid architecture featuring an offline mode that keeps the POS running during an internet outage.

Revel Systems POS

Try out Revel Systems POS with their free trialVISIT WEBSITE

Likewise, Revel Systems POS gives staff mobility for a more efficient table service; servers can take orders and process payments off-counter. The system can also set up self-checkout channels to keep queues short.

Beyond POS, the software features a Customer Display System, which can be utilized for promotions or showcase menu items in multiple places within your premises. Similarly, the system offers delivery monitoring to manage numerous deliveries at once and furnishes field status updates and smart delivery time calculations. Revel Systems POS also features a rewards system placement. 

What makes Revel System POS unique?

  1. POS requirements of fuel pump-convenience store setup
  2. Robust features beyond POS, such as CRM, employee management, accounting, and inventory control
  3. The ingredient-level inventory gives you real-time insights and alerts on diminishing stocks
  4. Options for menu creation include spreadsheet upload or manually entering items into the console or POS app
  5. Menu updates are auto-synced with POS
  6. Can handle the enterprise needs of franchise and chains
  7. Provides customer self-service
  8. Features built-in CRM for customer profiles

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6. POS Nation

POS Nation dashboard

POS Nation is a POS system customizable to your needs. It is being used by different types of businesses with different preferences and requirements. As such, it is useful as a retail or a restaurant POS. Furthermore, POS Nation not only helps its clients with customizable software but it also provides them with the right hardware and peripherals for their business. 

POS Nation understands that your food business is unique. This is why their staff take a hands-on approach to design the right POS system for you. They offer a POS system builder where you can enter information to get a quote. Also, as you do this, customer support is helpful enough to guide you through the whole process of setting up your very own system. They are available 24/7 all year round. 

For your restaurant, POS Nation provides what is called RPE or Restaurant Pro Express. The platform comes equipped with a robust inventory management feature allowing you to customize categories and settings. You can track stock levels and set reorder parameters. There is also a table management module, a sales reports module, and other features like top-tracking. They come with many automation functions so you can save time so you can grow your restaurant business. 

With POS Nation’s RPE, you can seamlessly connect your kitchen to the floor. You can manage orders by tables for clearer communication. Pair this with kitchen-focused tools like menu programming, menu modifiers, recipe tracking, and a KDS (kitchen display system), and you’ll have a full-fledged restaurant management system that is unique to your establishment.

The platform integrates well with payment processing and online ordering systems. It is known to interface seamlessly with Chase, First Data, QuickBooks, and Worldpay, among many others. This cloud-based solution is priced starting at $119 a month.

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What makes POS Nation unique?

  1. Gain real-time visibility of sales metrics
  2. No more arguing about who gets what amount with tip tracking
  3. Servers can enter orders and even modify them for special requests for the kitchen 
  4. Build recipes by every ingredient and can track costs
  5. It has a graphical interface for the menu to avoid making errors


CAKE dashboard

CAKE is a cost-efficient end-to-end POS, guest management, and online ordering system from Sysco. Firstly, CAKE caters to full-service and quick-service restaurants, pubs, bars, and other food businesses. It helps users elevate the management of dining experiences by centralizing everything under one roof. 

The solution offers a set of table management features that facilitates coordination between the kitchen and the restaurant floor. Taking orders is made more efficient and convenient at the same time. Furthermore, you can use CAKE to handle waitlists, reservations, and even payment processing. Also, it has an offline payment processing feature that you can bank on whenever your internet connection goes down. 

CAKE is a cloud-based system and it integrates well with CAKE Guest Manager. In this way, you can use rich data gathered from previous transactions to inform future business decisions. Many love this feature as it lets customers make reservations or add themselves on a waitlist directly from Google. Plus, it comes with analytics and reporting tools to help you make more sense of what your data can mean. These include insights for sales trends, foot traffic, customer behavior, and others.

The software integrates well with other systems from Sysco like Cake OrderPad, Cake Guest Manager, and Cake Online Ordering. It also seamlessly interfaces with accounting programs, such as Xero and QuickBooks. Other integrations include 7shifts, Orca, Swipe, and Cards, among others. As of now, CAKE is only available in the US.

What makes CAKE unique?

  1. Has gift card and discount management modules for promotions
  2. It has built-in analytics including trendspotting and real-time dynamic reporting
  3. It has a kitchen display and table management features, with custom floor maps
  4. CAKE includes features for check splitting and tipping management
  5. You can manage guests, create profiles, view history, and even get feedback 

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8. Cybersys POS

Cybersys POS dashboard

For around $194 per month (annual subscription) and no hidden fees, you can have the powerful Cybersys POS software for any number of users and in any of your business locations. Your subscription entitles you to an intuitive point-of-sale application that works just as well with your desktop system or any iOS or Android device, including printing of receipts.

Cybersys POS supports EMV chip card readers with EVO, Mercury/Vantiv, Worldpay and First Data, among others, as well as the Magtek 21040108 card reader, to give you multiple payment options. Mobile credit card readers, barcode scanners, label printers or papers, and gift cards are also supported for more flexibility. Digital signature capture is supported through Topaz SigLite T-S460-HSB Wired Signature Terminalon via Windows.

Cybersys POS also supports twelve major languages, which should let you operate the software using the native language you are more familiar with. Real-time inventory management should ensure you don’t run out of stock and compromise customer reception to your business, while API support should let you integrate with third-party applications as you require them.

Cybersys POS shouldn’t get your staff in a bind operating it, but just the same, the vendor offers a strong 24/7 online and phone support for any contingency. When you want to gauge the productivity and performance of staff and business, the application gives you the analytics and reporting tool to conduct it.

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What makes Cybersys POS unique?

  1. Multiple locations made easy. Setting up Cybersys POS is a straightforward process, with your list of customers, suppliers, or gift cards easily transferred from one store to the next.
  2. Support for multiple languages. Cybersys POS currently supports twelve major languages to make manning your storefronts smoother through the use of a more familiar language.
  3. Convenient payment options. Cybersys POS lets you customize your payment methods. Cash, credit cards, checks, gift cards are supported.
  4. Flexible data management. You can opt to store and manage your data through a cloud solution or you simply save them in your existing system.
  5. Convenient currency handling. The application lets you accept any denomination preferred by your customer via a currency conversion tool.

9. Webnexs Wcomm

Webnexs Wcomm dashboard

Webnexs Wcomm is a flexible, technology-centric ecommerce platform that you can avail for as little as $19 per month. It lets you design a customized ecommerce front from scratch with both expert designers and those provided by Webnexs. It’s specifically targeted for fast deployment. Hosting is already provided so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses while focusing on optimizing your online store.

The application is designed for ease of use, so you don’t need vast technical background to navigate through the application and start processing sales orders, payments, and shipping. The software provides inventory management to eliminate the need for manual stock tracking and management, which could cost you more hours doing mundane tasks than growing your revenue and customer base.

Webnexs Wcomm is built to optimize your presence in the markets, with meta information, URLs and other details purposely meeting search engine requirements. The Wcomm Store generates Robot.txt and Sitemap.xml to allow search engines to find your site easily.

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What makes Webnexs Wcomm unique?

  1. Fully customizable. You build your ecommerce storefront from start to finish using fully customizable design elements so you get a landing page that fully matches your taste and requirements.
  2. Accessible pricing. At a mere $19 per month, Webnexs Wcomm is one of the most budget-friendly ecommerce solutions in the market, which makes it a compelling platform to use for those who are planning to start an online business.
  3. Fully mobile capable. Webnexs is fully mobile responsive, able to process orders and accept payments so you can operate your business from any operating system.
  4. Outstanding support. Your success is paramount to Webnexs, hence, it has a robust technical support team to walk you through successful ecommerce operations.
  5. Strong security. Webnexs is compliant with PCI rules and all financial transactions are covered by SSL encryption. MD5 hash algorithm ensures stored data remain safe without risk of leakage.

10. A&B POS

A&B POS dashboard

A&B POS is a full-featured point-of-sale solution that provides simple but powerful functionalities in terms of taking orders, providing discounts and tips, managing inventory, and generating daily reports for insights on your business.

A&B POS gives you detailed reports on sales and transaction trends along with enhanced sales,  financial, employee reports, all via the cloud on any web-browser and device.

The solution helps you free up staff so they can focus on providing quality service to your customers. Aside from streamlining your operations and providing excellent guest experience, A&B POS lets you train new employees easily via easy-to-grasp ordering and payment procedures.

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What makes A&B POS unique?

  1. On cloud business intelligence.
  2. Its built-in technologies and features are not only simple and flexible but also powerful.For example, clickable tickets that you can transfer, split or combine.
  3. Its interactive dashboard easily allows you to schedule employee tasks and assignments and keep  tabs on sales and orders.
  4. Simplified and secure payments support Europay, Mastercard, and Visa via EMV.
  5. Its Quick Card program gives you a one-stop “starter” gift card solution to reinforce customer loyalty. The card can be used as a promotional card, prepaid card, rewards card for employees, or as an incentive to customers.

11. Square POS

Square POS dashboard

With support for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, Square POS handles and manages payments, issues digital receipts, provides inventory status updates reports—all essential and outstanding POS capabilities in an easy-to-use interface accessible through multiple devices. You can try its features even if you’re not yet ready to commit to a plan.

Upon receiving a Square Chip Card Reader free of charge, customers are charged with flat rates. For keyed-in transactions, customers pay a 3.5% transaction cost plus $0.15. Customers who personally use their card to dip, tap, and swipe, they pay slightly lower transaction fees (2.75%). Over the phone and online transactions are charged higher because of the higher risk of fraud.

Square POS features printable sales reports, receipt printer support, barcode scanner support, digital receipts via SMS or email, adjustable taxes, tipping by percentage or custom amount, full and partial refunds and customer signature capture among others.

Square POS also sells Square Stand, an iPad contactless and chip stand that allows contactless payments as well as chip cards, NFC and magstripe. Vendors can update over the air to make sure it stays current with the latest version of Apple Pay or Google Pay for hassle-free payments.

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What makes Square POS unique?

  1. Small businesses will appreciate the savings from turning mobile devices into a POS without the need for extra hardware.
  2. Transparency through flat rates. Square POS charges the same rates for each transaction, so customers know what they are getting from the start.
  3. All Square POS customers are covered by chargeback protection for up to $250 per month. They only have to provide documentation and respond within seven days of alert.
  4. Square POS provides an ecommerce API that allows developers to integrate Square POS with other systems like Zen POS or TouchBistro.
  5. Reporting capabilities are conveniently easy to navigate, especially useful when filing for taxes.
  6. Cash management works seamlessly, allowing fast turnaround with deposits even for offsite payments.

12. Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant dashboard

Miva Merchant is a complete ecommerce solution that provides online retailers not only payment tools through a shopping cart platform but also the support of active promotion systems, product visual enhancers, and a helpful knowledge base to drive the success of your business. It actively helps you minimize cart abandonment with timely solution suggestions based on best practices.

Miva Merchant places customer experience at the top of your priorities, with rich landing pages and product visuals to create a pleasing experience for them. The software works well with Google Shopping and other marketing platforms. A logic-based engine helps you create more attractive pricing schemes and other loyalty incentives.

Products displayed via Miva Merchant are not only visually stunning, but they are also smartly connected with related items to allow you to cross-sell and upsell to ensure your inventory moves quickly.

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What makes Miva Merchant unique?

  1. Sell like no one else does. Miva Merchant combines appealing promos, visual elements, and reliable shopping cart features to give you all the advantage against your competition.
  2. Drive more converts. By combining arresting content that helps customers learn more while enjoying the experience, you create a strong brand recall to increase your customer base.
  3. Form meets function. Stunning design elements are supported by an interface that lets you control all pricing and payment schemes through streamlined processes.
  4. Multiple tools to keep customers loyal. A comprehensive suite of referral and incentive programs, automated reordering platform, email marketing, and other third-party integration ensure a level of scalability to ensure you can meet any expanding business trajectory.
  5. Leverage personalized ecommerce. Customers are getting smarter with their purchase decisions. Miva Merchant ensures you can engage more intimately with customers to provide them with the products and services they truly want.

13. Lavu

Lavu dashboard

Lavu is a popular mobile point-of-sale system that is designed to cater to bars and restaurants. This solution runs on iPad devices and eliminates issues associated with vague sales data, order confusion, and lagging service, among others.

Lavu empowers restaurant owners with full control over their operations and enables staff to maintain top-notch customer support standards. The platform makes this possible with its simple-to-use interface, central data hubs, and the ability to streamline processes.

Lavu offers several features that allow customization of menu layouts, easier staff training, and quicker order taking. Apart from benefitting restaurant operations, the software enables a range of HR functions including the optimization of onboarding processes and employee training.

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What makes Lavu unique?

  1. The software processes payments in multiple ways including accepting magnetic stripe cards and chip cards as well as contactless payment methods like Apple Pay-all from a single device. This simplifies the payment process for both customers and establishments.
  2. Lavu utilizes advanced restaurant hardware and technology that include self-serve kiosks and digital menu boards, which make transacting and order taking quicker and more convenient.
  3. The software streamlines the process of ordering and payment as well as back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house communications to help businesses save costs and boost earnings.
  4. Lavu offers an open API that companies can use to customize the platform to their needs and integrate with leading third-party applications.
  5. The product enables establishments to speed up their processes and reduce waiting times. This improves the customer experience and satisfaction, creating loyalty and leading to repeat customers.
  6. Lavu improves employee onboarding and training processes, allowing enterprises to quickly boost their workforce if needed.

14. Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant dashboard

Lightspeed Restaurant is another reliable POS system that streamlines the hospitality experience for both venue managers and their clients. The cloud-based POS solution helps manage your stuff, serve customers accurately and in time, and monitor performance to depict trends and opportunities.

To start with, Lightspeed Restaurant will simplify the process of menu creation, as you can upload any image you want, and customize and organize products to your needs. Your staff will find the product very intuitive and easy to use, which means you can put the POS in action since day one. All data will be gathered and organized in a centralized hub so that you can access it any time, and from any device. Lightspeed Restaurant is also equipped with order and payment management features and offers 24/7 premium support and access to training materials.

The company has also developed a dedicated accounting, retail, on-site POS and ecommerce solution as parts of its end-to-end productivity suite. To learn more, visit their official website.

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What makes Lightspeed Restaurant unique?

  1. Adjustable menu and floorplan with photos, descriptions, and prices
  2. Flexible pricing options, and mistake-free order management
  3. Unlimited data accessibility
  4. Generating end-of-day reports
  5. Multiple useful integrations, including a synchronized performance with Lightspeed Accounting

15. Clover

Clover dashboard

Clover bundles its POS system with hardware with set options for EMV/NFC swipes, portable POS, countertop setup and smartphone-ready, contactless payment device. Specifically, it banners an ultra-portable POS device called Clover Flex, which allows you to transact where your customers are, including in the aisle, at tableside or counter.

Bundles are packaged as Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station and Clover Go for various POS setups, whether mobile or fixed. Likewise, Clover features other restaurant management tools for inventory management, real-time reporting, loyalty programs, staff management, and accounting. All bundles help you oversee inventory, edit menus and monitor staff activities and performance.

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What makes Clover unique?

  1. Offers bundled system and hardware for mobile and fixed POS setup
  2. Accepts multi-payment channels such as EMV chip, NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift card and cash
  3. Clover Flexi with built-in receipt printer and scanner provides an ultra-portable POS device that’s convenient for both servers and customers for checking out
  4. Clover Online—build your online presence with this pre-built website that connects with Clover POS, giving you a single platform of sales

16. ShopKeep

ShopKeep dashboard

ShopKeep is another iPad POS system with an intuitive touchscreen interface and can be deployed in minutes. It also helps retail, quick service, restaurants and bars, and franchises to manage reservations, inventory, staff and marketing in one platform. Specifically, it has tailored solutions for food trucks, coffee shops, and convenience stores. ShopKeep also offers a countertop POS hardware for the register, card reader and receipt printer.

The POS-integrated restaurant management system provides all the tools to run your frontend and backend operations. Aside from the POS software and hardware that handle transactions, payment processing, and inventory, other main features include staff management, CRM, reporting and analytics, and integrations. It also provides an offline mode for internet interruptions.

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What makes ShopKeep unique?

  1. Robust analytics provide real-time sales data that is useful for strategic decisions
  2. Its intuitive touchscreen display is one of the easiest to use
  3. Inventory management tools allow for easy configuration of  layout, product details, and reports
  4. Has bundle option for a countertop POS hardware that includes the register, card reader and receipt printer, but also works with a third-party card processor integration
  5. Features email marketing tools to capture new customers and nurture old clientele
  6. Built-in time clock monitors employee activities and aids in performance evaluation

17. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud dashboard

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based ecommerce solution that provides a unified customer buying experience with modules for B2B, B2C, and an extensive order management system. Its mobile implementation is equally capable with a one-touch payment feature to support a responsive build and superior micro-moments technology to drive your brand and actual growth of sales.

A powerful self-learning AI engine, Einstein, probes into shopper preferences and finds matching product data to adjust your product offerings and recommendations accordingly in real-time. The smart engine eliminates tasks that used to zap staff hours sorting product categories, merchandising manually, updating customer profiles or defining rules to segment products.

Einstein also powers the deep insights that could be extracted from your massive data, giving you crucial information to navigate your business in the kind of competition you have in your industry.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud also gives you the kind of support provided by the massive Salesforce ecosystem, paving an easy path to globalize your operations with full support for local languages and currencies.

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What makes Salesforce Commerce Cloud unique?

  1. The advantage of Salesforce. As a global leader in delivering innovative cloud sales and marketing applications, Salesforce offers you a brand that has become synonymous with a gateway to trusted and solid applications that offer massive global exposure worldwide.
  2. Access to a truly unified platform. You can extend Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud functionalities and insights to your service, sales, and marketing teams for a more effective and responsive organization.
  3. Salesforce community and support. Your purchase of Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you instant access to Salesforce’s massive user community for additional assistance to its much-vaunted official support.
  4. Technology and industry leader. Salesforce’s Einstein gives you a huge edge over your competition. Einstein not only optimizes your operations but also makes personalization a breeze, to help you gain new converts and always keep them.
  5. Launch sites or products quickly. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is easy to set up and launch, with an intuitive interface typical of Salesforce application to ensure you are quickly on your feet and running without sophisticated know-how and extended period of training.

18. QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS dashboard

With a starting $1,200 one-time payment, you can take advantage of QuickBooks POS. This solution can run on any capable mobile device, on your business premises, or simply via the cloud infrastructure. What you get for the fee is an application that lets you provide multiple payment options and collect them, conduct sales campaigns, monitor and manage your inventory, build and offer promotional and other reward campaigns, and evaluate the performance of your business with the software’s capable reporting and analytics engine.

Order processing with QuickBooks POS is possible with an optional barcode scanner, a capable mobile device, or you can opt to simply enter items manually. Payments can be by cash or credit and debit cards, or via convenient payment gateways.

The inventory manager syncs product catalogs in real-time with every made sales or orders or even returns. You can have it show you what’s been selling hot lately and which items are languishing in the warehouses. Keeping customers happy is made possible by a customer profiling tool which lets you create the best rewards and incentives for returning customers and new conversions. Since it comes from QuickBooks, you can opt to integrate it with the accounting software and reconcile all the key numbers with a simple click of a button.

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What makes QuickBooks POS unique?

  1. The advantage of flexible rates. QuickBooks POS fully syncs your inventory and cash register so you need not deal out long-term contracts but instead offer flexible prices that reflect your current stock levels and the competitions’ prices.
  2. Remove double entries through QuickBooks. If you are already using QuickBooks’ accounting program, you can set your POS system to benefit from the accounting application’s capability to eliminate double entries automatically.
  3. Access to powerful gift card service. Your QuickBooks POS purchase allows you to enroll in QuickBooks gift card services that you can customize with your own logo and offer to your customers at no cost to them.
  4. Purchase only once. QuickBooks POS is yours with a one-time payment: no more monthly, quarterly or annual payments to worry about.
  5. QuickBooks support. You can rely on the well-known QuickBooks customer support for after-sales assistance anytime no matter where you are coming from.

19. Zomato Base

Zomato Base dashboard

Zomato Base is the cloud POS system of the popular restaurant review platform, Zomato. It is compatible with KOT printers, cash drawers, and kitchen displays and its functionalities can be expanded via an integrated app marketplace. The system also offers restaurant management tools to help you run the main aspects of your operations from a single platform. Food establishments of any type and size will find Zomato Base a big help to organize and centralize their daily activities and process flows.

Aside from the POS system, it features customizable menu management. It also allows you to monitor inventory and get alerts for resupply. Likewise, it accounts for the use of raw materials based on sales to help you cut loss.

Meanwhile, the Smart Table Management gives you the real-time status of your tables so that you can keep a close tab on orders and payments. For customer convenience, you can send receipts via email and SMS and offer them online payments via a payment gateway integration.

Zomato Base also provides CRM to help you tailor service based on customer preferences, order history, or birthdays. It also features real-time analytics for sales tracking and other key performance indicators with actionable insights.

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What makes Zomato Base unique?

  1. Provides multi-channel bookings including on your Zomato review page and own website
  2. Connects to other Zomato apps, such as Order, Trace, and Book for a 360-degree control of your restaurant operations
  3. Features electronic invoicing; receipts can be sent via email or text
  4. Native integration with Zomato for Business app, the review and listing management platform
  5. Insightful CRM platform helps you tailor dining experience based on customer likes and preferences based on their past engagement and profiles

20. Harbortouch

Harbortouch banners simplicity in its approach. This is evident from its module-based view, wherein you only see the features that you need while the others are hidden. The available modules are a cash register interface, a basic calculator, and a full Point of Sale solution. It boasts an intuitive interface that eases operation while at the same time, trivializes training sessions for newbies. There’s an option for remote management of the POS, too.

It sports state-of-the-art devices like the large but sleek screen that can easily rotate on a full 180 degrees so that customers can sign on the screen. There are several peripheral hardware available too such as barcode scanner, remote printer, and a digital scale. The best part is that each of these is covered in a lifetime warranty.

Another major feature of Harbortouch is its advanced reporting capabilities. It provides a lot of information grouped into a wide variety of types. There’s the financial overview, item sales summary, discount summary, employee directory, labor by employee, and more. They can even be viewed remotely as well.

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What makes Harbortouch unique?

  1. The module-based display shows only the needed features, and the rest are hidden for maximum efficiency.
  2. Universal search, coupled with keyword tags means that you can find any item with ease.
  3. Wide variety of reports available including labor detail, discount summary, tax form 4070, and tender type summary.
  4. Remote POS management and reporting capability via the Lighthouse.
  5. The customer database includes a built-in loyalty function.
  6. Large, durable, sleek, and flexible hardware.

More Factors to Consider When Looking for a POS System for Restaurants

Cash management is a significant feature of POS software systems, but there are other key functions. Many systems run the gamut of streamlining a typical corporation’s processes and subscribe to the same factors to make the system fully adaptive to your business.

  1. Ease of use, speed. The POS system should be intuitive to your processes. It should offer an open API key to customize some of the features of your processes. Likewise, it should scale smoothly to your customer volume and provide an offline option to keep things running even during internet outages.
  2. Technical support. Support should be 24/7 with quick response time. Each second counts in your restaurant’s business hours. Training should also be provided during the setup, software upgrades, and credit card payment integration.
  3. Target users. Different restaurant types have different POS needs. Some POS systems focus on quick service, while others on full service. Others are enterprise management for chains; still, others are quite specific, say, for pizza and gas stations and convenience stores. Many vendors provide an all-in-one solution, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is: go for the POS system tools, and processes fit for your workflows and requirements, not just today, but in three to five years.
  4. Power backup. Consider hybrid architecture that enables the POS system to run offline or via a local network.
  5. Data security. Go for EMV-compliant POS (see above explanation) to protect customers and yourself from credit card fraud. System security should be PCI-compliant, too, and allow for point-to-point encrypted payments.
  6. Integration. As your business grows, you need to grow also the POS ecosystem through third-party integrations or an open API.

There are other factors to consider that will help you choose the best point-of-sale solution for your restaurant. These include general classification and cost of POS. You can learn more about them from our in-depth analysis of POS software.

Moreover, POS and restaurant management solutions out there are a dime a dozen, and cherry-picking the best isn’t that simple. You will do well to look for a free trial offer before plunging into a final purchase. Toast POS, TouchBistro, Sapaad and StorePoint, for example, offer those, so why not go the extra mile to see how the software actually works in the real world. If your business is in the US, you can easily sign up for a free demo of Toast POS. It’s an unbeatable way to conclude your search for the ideal platform.

Should you need advice about best POS for restaurant feel free to contact us.

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