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Restaurant POS Benefits of StorePoint

29th September 2019 0

StorePoint Restaurant POS software can provide a reduction in theft and an increase efficiency. According to a study by Cornell University on why restaurants fail, an estimated 26 percent of restaurants do not make it past the first year mark. The secret to making any restaurant operation successful is active management. Monitoring employee performance, offering top-notch customer…

By Nadia1970

New Restaurant Trends 2019

27th May 2019 0

Interior designer Haldane Martin designs bespoke furniture that enhances the restaurant experience and creates original spaces with bold identities. The creative genius chatted to us about 2019’s biggest restaurant design trends. Haldane Martin with Jessica Rushmere, owner of Swan Café. Photo by Micky Hoyle. Q: What are the biggest restaurant trends at the moment? A: Trends are tough to define.…

By Nadia1970