Free POS and affordable Online Ordering Has Never Been Easier!

We understand that the Corona Virus has changed the restaurant industry for ever. With international lock down and the uncertainty how long this will stay in place, restaurants needs to be strategic. StorePoint and Starvin Merlin has come together to put a package together where you get Starvin Merlin Online Food Ordering App and Storepoint Restaurant POS for free. Storepoint and Starvin Merlin, a leader in online ordering, are now offering easy, affordable online ordering for your restaurant! Customers order from your Starvin Merlin web menu or app on smartphone, then the order is transmitted over the Internet to your restaurant and is brought into your StorePoint Restaurant POS system.

Beacon App

Online orders work just like orders entered by your staff for production, tracking, delivery and business reporting. You’ve read the record-breaking online ordering sales announcements from major restaurant chains – Now you can use the same technology to help improve your business!

Customers order from your online menu. Each item on the menu can have ingredient options, preparation instructions and add-on items displayed for easy access. Customers can review every detail of the order to improve accuracy and customer service.

When the order is complete customers enter information required to identify, prepare and deliver the order. Payment can be required on the web site or you can permit customers to pay when the order is picked up or delivered.

Pizzeria menus can incorporate Starvin Merlin’s pizza builder. Just click and drag toppings from the topping list, then drop them on the left half, right half or in the center for the whole pizza. Crust, sauce and preparation instructions can also be selected in the pizza builder.

Storepoint Restaurant POS receives orders from Starvin Merlin, holding them until the time you specify to begin preparation.

POS Screen

Online orders are specially color flagged to distinguish them from locally entered orders. Each online order follows the same production path as a local order from preparation to pick up or delivery.

online order prep ticket

StorePoint Restaurant POS prep tickets and kitchen monitor clearly identify online orders.

What You Need for Online Ordering

Can Online Ordering Help Your Restaurant?


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We offer the online food ordering system at 8% and our restaurant pos software come free provided you take our payment gateway and card processor. Should you be interested please feel free to contact us.

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