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Menu Builder

Restaurant Online Ordering integrated with your POS System? Already using StorePoint POS systems? Great! We will sync your menu within minutes. With our robust menu builder you can swiftly add to your menu or create specials. No programming knowledge required.


Custom Delivery Zones

Allow your customers to see if they are within the zone. Set delivery perimeters, adjust fees and order minimums, and delight your customers with more efficient delivery times. Faster Take Out, happier customers.

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POS Integration

With Starvin Merlins Restaurant Online Ordering let clients place orders with the restaurant online ordering app, to ensure orders are correct. Online Ordering apps could be branded to make sure your branding stands out. If you are using StorePoint Restaurant POS, the online orders are sent directly to the kitchen, ensuring that orders are correct and ready for collection. Many restaurant online ordering systems fail at this point, resulting in incorrect orders.

Beacon App

Restaurant Online Ordering Customized Ordering Apps

With customized ordering apps to suit your needs and branding, we can make it happen. With Starvin Merlins Online Ordering we can expand your customer base and build your brand.

Starvin Merlin Restaurant Online Ordering

Benefits of Online Food Ordering

Enhanced efficiency

Getting online food orders helps restaurants to improve the efficiency of their routine functioning. Restaurant staff spends more time taking orders on the phone, compared to getting online orders. The likelihood of errors on telephonic orders is much bigger, compared to the Internet option, because of the language and accent of the clients, inefficient working of telephone lines, and the element of human error, resulting to making the wrong deliveries and the expense of re-deliveries, as well as earning the customers’ dissatisfaction. Online food ordering, on the other hand, gives ample time to the clients to go through the menu and order the precise items they require. There is no room for making errors on the part of the restaurant staff that receives the order electronically. Moreover, the staff gets a ready copy of the ordered goods, enabling them to focus on the timely execution of orders.

Larger orders

Other than getting error-free orders, it is realized that customers tend to buy more items while ordering online, thus bringing additional revenue for the restaurant. A carefully structured menu helps in generating more orders. Ordering take-out food on the Internet saves a lot of the customers’ time, as they can mention the time for picking up the ordered food, and only need to just stop for a while to quickly pick up their favorite food, for which payment is already made online. Restaurants offering formal sit-down dinners can also benefit by extending the facility of ordering of food, as it opens up another business avenue, especially when maximum tables get occupied, and clients prefer eating at home.

Proven response to customers’ requirement

Of course, enhanced efficiency and larger orders prove beneficial. However, the most significant feature of online ordering is the fact that it can help restaurants expand their customer base. The worth of E-commerce is $200 billion in the US, and it is expected to grow at a rate of fifteen percent per year. It’s an expanding market, waiting for exploitation by the food industry. For instance, over 50% of the restaurants offer the facility of online ordering, but at present just 5% provides the facility of ordering through mobile devices. This fact is revealed by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research. It found that an amazing 90% of users of mobile applications wanted to use their online devices for making purchases.

That leaves little doubt that businesses not extending the facility of ordering through mobile applications are at a loss!



Small restaurants owned by individuals benefit by offering online food ordering. They pay a nominal commission on orders which are actually executed, while websites are generally provided without any charge. Such restaurants can now enjoy the benefits of the technology that the larger restaurants employ. Moreover, the Internet enables small restaurants to be easily located by fresh clients who are always looking for new options for food.

Franchise Growth

Research has shown that restaurant online ordering contributes heavily to the brand awareness of a restaurant chain, enhance customer service and drive sales.

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