POS Hardware

Our POS hardware selection offers POS thermal receipt printers, direct thermal receipt printers, Android POS terminals with integrated printers, Windows POS Terminals, bar code scanners and retail scales.

POS Thermal Receipt Printers


POS Thermal Receipt Printers with Ethernet, serial and USB interface. POS receipt printers are designed for legacy POS systems as well as tablet POS,  POS based POS systems. POS receipt printer. This entry-level thermal POS receipt printer provides a cost-effective POS solution with fast print speeds and economical features. Thermal POS printer.

POS Label Printers

Rongta RP410-direct-thermal-print-barcode-label-printer

Connect label printers to your PC or Mac®, and you’re ready to print labels directly. Point of sale label printers designed for various POS systems. Ethernet, Serial and USB ports supported. 

Keep your POS hardware up to date to make sure you get the most out of your POS hardware.

Bar Code Scanners

Mindeo 2
Omni directional Scanners

Laser scanners

Laser scanners work the same way as pen-type readers except that they use a laser beam as the light source and typically employ either a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism to scan the laser beam back and forth across the barcode. As with the pen-type reader, a photo-diode is used to measure the intensity of the light reflected back from the barcode. In both pen readers and laser scanners, the light emitted by the reader is rapidly varied in brightness with a data pattern and the photo-diode receive circuitry is designed to detect only signals with the same modulated pattern.

Omnidirectional barcode scanners

Omni-directional scanning uses “series of straight or curved scanning lines of varying directions in the form of a starburst, a Lissajous curve, or other multiangle arrangement are projected at the symbol and one or more of them will be able to cross all of the symbol’s bars and spaces, no matter what the orientation. Almost all of them use a laser. Unlike the simpler single-laser scanners, they produce a pattern of beams in varying orientations allowing them to read bar codes presented to it at different angles. Most of them use a single rotating polygonal mirror and an arrangement of several fixed mirrors to generate their complex scan patterns.

Omni-directional scanners are most familiar through the horizontal scanners in supermarkets, where packages are slid over a glass or sapphire window. There are a range of different omni-directional units available which can be used for differing scanning applications, ranging from retail type applications with the bar codes read only a few centimeters away from the scanner to industrial conveyor scanning where the unit can be a couple of meters away or more from the code. Omni-directional scanners are also better at reading poorly printed, wrinkled, or even torn bar codes.

Cash Drawers

Cash Drawer Maken 3
Cash Drawer Maken

Our cash drawer selection offers the traditional cash drawer and ad the flip top cash drawer selection. Our cash drawers are made from the finest steel and are lockable Cash drawer. An excellent priced steel Cash drawer. 4 Notes and 8 Coin holders. Steel clips make it durable. Two key positions for safety. 

Android POS Terminals

StorePoint POS Back Office

Our Android POS Terminals offering . offers the latest technology. POS Terminals that could run the latest Android Apps. In addition our Android POS Terminals are tested with all POS paraphernalia to bring you card readers, thermal receipt printers and bar code scanners.

Windows POS Terminals

Partner SP5514A PAIO

Windows POS terminals offers durability and integration with all POS accessories. Integration means adding Thermal Receipt Printers, Direct thermal label printers, card readers and bar code scanners 

Tablet Stands


Retail Scales

Rongta Scale Retail

For more information, please email us at customer@storepointpos.com or dial +27211101259

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