What is cloud restaurant point of sale software?

restaurant point of sale

Restaurant point of sale has developed over the years. Unlike a traditional POS, which is typically limited to an “on-premise” or a desktop restaurant pos system like a desktop computer, cloud POS systems are web-based, allowing you to process input through the Internet. Be it price changes or payments received.

There are no pos hardware or pricy software systems that require licenses, backups or upgrades. Instead, with cloud-based systems like StorePoint POS, all transactions and updates occur online—with your sales and transaction history securely stored in the cloud—giving you the convenience of running the system on any device.

In addition to processing sales on any device, you can also access your point of sale from wherever you are and manage your business remotely, as long as you have Internet access.


Businesses large and small, from speciality boutiques to fast food outlets, can benefit from a cloud POS for various reasons. For example, inventory management is a common challenge for retail businesses and can result in a lot of wasted time spent recounting and trying to locate inaccuracies. Different branches can also see if other branches have inventory.

Cloud-based POS systems significantly reduce human error and improve inventory management through automation. Furthermore, sales and inventory data are synced and stored as payments are made, allowing for real-time inventory control.

Cloud-based restaurant point of sale systems offers integration to restaurant online ordering systems, accounting systems, loyalty systems and payment integration. With combined integration restaurant point of sale, systems can easily assist to expand your business.

As a key differentiator, cloud-based POS systems help you increase foot traffic to your store because when your website and POS is cloud-based, customers who search Google to find businesses with the products they want to buy can see that your store has them in stock, in real-time. When your inventory is accurately represented online, it increases customer trust and encourages consumers to pay a visit to your store to make a purchase.

Check out the chart below for a comparison of the benefits of StorePint’s cloud POS system compared with traditional server-based POS platforms:

   Features Traditional POSRain’s  Cloud POS
Payments / Term Commitments?Upfront license fee + monthly maintenanceNo –you pay monthly and you can cancel anytime.
Software? Installed on PremiseHosted Online
Hardware?Stationary TerminalsMobile or Stationary. Available anywhere you have Wifi or Internet connection, including on mobile.
Data Storage?Internal ServerSecurely stored on remote cloud servers that are backed up automatically.
Updates?No. Because software is static, you’ll have to buy new versions to keep it updated.Yes. Cloud POS is updated automatically on realtime, so you’re always running the latest version.
Accessible Anywhere?No. Only from your stationary terminal.Yes. Process transactions and access sales data and reports anywhere from your desktop or mobile devices.
Omnichannel Solution?NoYes. StorePoint seamlessly integrates with your website so everything’s always synced!
All-in-One Solution?No. You’ll need additional systems for rentals, merchant accounts, etc.Yes. Restaurant point of sale & Website, Marketing Automation, Reporting, classes and managing other systems if offered.
Automated MarketingNot typically. May require purchasing extra applications or software.Yes. Automated marketing tools, like email campaigns, are integrated right into your point of sale.
Additional ServicesTypically don’t integrate with other applications not offered by or integrated with system vendor.Restaurant Online ordering, accounting, reporting and online payment integration are part of Storepoint’s integrated restaurant point of sale system and website system.


StorepointPOS is easy-to-use, affordable, and secure. Here are some of the top reasons our customers love the StorePoint website and restaurant point of sale system when it comes to running their businesses more efficiently and profitably:


StorePoint POS combines a website and POS into one seamless system that saves you loads of time. Add products in one place and your POS and website update simultaneously. Plus, you can manage your inventory, serialized sales, customer accounts, vendors, purchase orders, rewards, and gift cards all in one system.


Because StorePoint POS software works from a single database in the cloud, your inventory will always be in sync. Not only will you save time by only entering data in one place, but all your information will simultaneously update your online point of sale and website.


When your website inventory is powered by your restaurant point of sale system, your products are always represented accurately—and in real-time—on your point of sale once it’s entered into your point of sale. There’s no double-entering!


Maintaining your own data server is expensive and time-consuming. With StorePoint’s point of sale, updates are automatic and everything is taken care of for you.


Because your data is stored in the cloud and not on your device or in your onsite server room (that could be easily hacked or spied on by an employee), theft, accidents, and other damaging situations are no longer a concern. Plus, because your data is stored on multiple off-site servers, it’s secured all day, every day.

Another thing to be aware of is that major credit card providers (Visa, Mastercard, and Amex) will typically take on the costs incurred by lost or stolen credit cards for merchants that use the latest POS technology.


With traditional POS systems, crashes or corruptions result in downtime until the POS vendor’s IT team gets the problem fixed. In many situations involving data corruption, the whole POS system has to be reinstalled, which is both costly and time-consuming.

When you have a cloud-based POS, you can still access your information and perform transactions using your mobile’s hotspot, allowing you to carry on with business as usual.


With access to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, your employees can check or update inventory, make sales, process rentals or work orders from anywhere inside or outside of your store.


Whether you need to view inventory or end of day sales at a glance, you have access to your data from wherever you are, at any time. That means you can manage your business from any location with Internet access.


Cloud technology enables the business to integrate so much better with other modules of restaurant point of sale. Cloud technology provides businesses, with mobility, simplicity, efficiency, and security that traditional point of sale just can’t offer. The language traditional point of sale has been developed with simply can not keep up with times.

So what are you waiting for? Better inventory management, increased foot traffic, and so much more, is just a click away!

Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant Point of Sale

StorePoint is a unique, beautifully tailored restaurant pos software to meet the needs of a fine dining restaurant. We are specialize in developing software’s in an advanced technologies for Fine Dining POS Solution. Our customizable Restaurant POS Application allows you to design your layout to make reservations and waiting lists fast and easy.

Fine Dine Restaurant Point of Sale

Food wastage Management

Storepoint's wastage & pilferage management system tracks & controls wastage.

Tracking Management

Staff-tracking and sales tracking features helps a remotely operating owner/manager to effectively track and manage.

Shelf life Management

Our unique 'expiry alert' feature alerts you about approaching perishability to prevent losses

BI Reports

Business intelligence reports help owners/managers running an efficient business from wherever they operate.

Inventory Management

Intelligent inventory-management module helps you track your stock and ensures you never run out of stock of your best selling products.

Loyalty and Promotions

StorePoint's "Promotions" Module offers multimedia promotions feature by which you can promote your restaurants

Ordering App

A smart way to deliver food without delay. Increase the productivity of your waiter with customized food ordering feature and avoid manual errors with StorePoint’s restaurant billing software with added inventory software feature.



  • Dining / Takeaway / Door delivery
  • KOT versus multiple kitchen mappings
  • Order management
  • Guest Feedback & SMS Alerts
  • Supports offline mode
  • Automatically updated VAT invoicing software


The desktop based StorePoint’s restaurant point of sale with attractive UI is available at affordable price to accelerate your restaurant billing process with ease. The overall management of billing and ordering can be monitored and analyzed in desktop Restaurant POS. Hassle free operations are made easier in offline mode with auto sync option when the internet connection is available.

  • Separate bills for Dining, Door delivery and Take away
  • Take orders for combo offers along with products
  • Modify KOT & Bill at ease
  • Par stock management
  • Apply different discount types for the bill/individual product
  • Transactions & Reports in a single tap
  • Track Payments
  • Different e-Menu for different locations
  • Product selection made easier with multiple variance (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Instant bill update in cloud
POS Screen


Chef receives orders from various customers along with their customized instructions through Storepoint Guest / Tablet App. This makes the chef to manage the KOTs & orders easier. The Inventory software management in Tablet’s module helps him to track the inventory and updates the waiter instantly on the available menu till the stage of delivery.

  • Can view and update KOTs,
  • Handle multiple KOTs,
  • View guest preferences and manage the order-delivery lifecycle in a better way.
  • KOT View & Update
  • View guest preferences
  • Order-Delivery lifecycle management
Beacon App

Beacon App

With the help of StorePoint’s restaurant billing and inventory management software Proximity Marketing can be done to share digital contents to mobile devices within a particular distance or proximity by using Beacon App.

  • Enable your brand to communicate better with customers.
  • Location based proximity marketing increases sales conversions & enhance customer engagements
  • In-store proximity marketing with Storepoint beacon app helps in boosting in-store customer traffic
  • Storepoint’s beacon app gathers data on customer purchase patterns & preferences helping you to personalize offers to targeted customers
  • Increase your brand competitiveness in the market leveraging our beacon mobile app


Storepoint’s admin portal is a modest and user friendly UI to setup your restaurant in cloud environment along with inventory management feature. Admin portal is highly secured supports entire restaurant needs along with VAT billing. Various devices that are used for ordering, displays & printing have to be configured initially through this portal.

  • Easy registration
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Configure categories & products
  • User & device management
  • Manage price book
  • Support for multiple kitchens
  • Sales & closure reports
Self Order Kiosk

Accounting Integration

Be on top of your restaurant operation with integration to Sage, Quickbooks and Zoho

CRM Integration

Integrate to your CRM and get data collection, aimed at marketing and promotions.

Should you need more information about Storepoint Restaurant POS, please contact us.

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