Restaurant POS and coronavirus, have influenced your restaurant operations more than ever. Most of the restaurants worldwide has been touched by the corona virus. The outbreak has touched how restaurants function and will function in future. If restaurant owners do not act now, they would soon face touch decision positions. Keeping up with technology is the key to take on the challenges the corona virus outbreak brought us.

coronavirus and restaurant pos

The National Restaurant Association said Wednesday that half the 5.4 million jobs in the industry could be lost to the crisis over the next three months, costing restaurants as much as $225 billion. That is in the United States alone. In a country like South Africa 50% of restaurants would be closed never to be opened after the national lockdown. A good example how the corona virus outbreak touched the restaurant industry is the closing down of some of the restaurant in Cape Town.

Although Governments promised support it would be up to the individual restaurants to look towards technology to assist in making the restaurant sustainable and growing for years to come. Here are ways to to maintain your sales and ensure growth for the future:

Online food ordering

Undoubtedly the corona virus has changed the way restaurants operate. Restaurant POS and coronavirus changed a lot of things in the restaurant industry. People are more aware of germs and potential health risks. The corona virus has introduced us to social distancing. Online food ordering overcome the challenge of customer decline due to the fear of viruses and general health issues. Food is ordered with an app or from the website of the restaurant and delivered to the customer. In addition Starvin Marvins integrate to StorePoint POS, meaning no re-capture of orders from customers.

Online Food Ordering offers geo-location which shows your menu to potential customers in your service area. The ordering app thus sends traffic to your website improving your google ranking.

Gift cards

Gift cards offer a golden opportunity to give to friends and loved ones. Gift cards can be used to order food online. Would it not be a great gift to someone to you care for?

Loyalty programs

After the coronavirus outbreak people are careful to go out and would prefer to mix with people they know. StorePoint restaurant pos offers a build in loyalty program with the food online ordering. Making sure you can still earn loyalty point while ordering online.

If you would like to know more how we can assist in setting up your online ordering with integrated restaurant pos, leave your detail and we will come back to you.

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