Restaurant POS Software

Storepoint Restaurant POS Software is designed to work on any device. Be it an iPad, Android device or a Microsoft Windows device, Storepoint Restaurant point of sale could be used on it. With our web pos functionality, we can use most point of sale hardware. Another way StorePoint Restaurant POS offers savings and benefits.

StorePoint POS Apps
StorePoint mobile solutions

Sales made Easy with Restaurant POS Software Modifiers

Customize your food options with optional and mandatory modifiers. As you make modifications to original menu items, the modifiers will automatically adjust prices to ensure your profitability.

StorePoint Restaurant POS Software Food Cost Analysis

Know your profitability. StorePoint Restaurant POS will calculate the cost of each ingredient that goes into your menu items sold so that you know the overall menu item cost and can make adjustments as needed.

Online Food Ordering Delivery Dispatch

No one likes waiting for their food delivery. With Delivery Dispatch you can group orders based on destination and ETA, and make sure your drivers get there in time with the least amount of resources.

StorePoint Quick Service Point of Sale

StorePoint was designed with quick-service restaurants in mind. It’s easy to implement and expand. Give your employees an intuitive Restaurant POS system they will love to work with that can keep up with your busiest hours.

types of stores storepoint
What types of restaurants we serve

StorePoint Restaurant POS Software Bar Tabs

Bar tabs are part of SitePoint’s repertoire. Manage bar tabs with ease from any POS station and look up open or closed tabs by name, order number or the last 4 digits of the credit card.

storepointpos-point of sale
Why choose StorePoint POS

Customer Convenience Split Checks

Split or combine checks, transfer single or multiple items to a different check. Be flexible for your customers and how they would like to check out when it includes several parties.

Manage Ingredient Inventory With StorePoint Restaurant POS Software

StorePoint Restaurant POS can calculate the cost of each menu item by adding and calculating the cost of each individual ingredient that goes into the recipe.

Restaurant POS Software Pizza by Slice

Emphasize the customization of pizza, all the way down to the slice! With StorePoint Restaurant POS your customers can express their creative abilities to make the most elaborate pizzas in history. You can add and subtract each individual topping without ever having to delete the order.

Restaurant Online Food Ordering

Integrations to Ubereats

Synch your existing menu from Storepoint Restaurant POS, set custom delivery zones and have different order types such as pick up or delivery. StorePoint Restaurant POS integrates with Starving Marvins Online Ordering. Get your own website within minutes and start taking orders today!

Void, Discount, No Sale Alert Via Text and Inventory Email

Get notifications via text message or email for the void, discounted, or no sales activity. Receive alerts of changes in your inventory.  We want you to be informed about all parts of your operation at all times. Especially sales and low stock conditions.

StorePoint POS online Reporting
StorePoint Online ordering

Receipt and Kitchen Print Customization

Want your receipts to show certain information but hide others? Decide what you want to display on your receipts and kitchen tickets so your staff and customers have an easy time understanding.

Kitchen Display System

Simplify communication between servers and kitchen staff. Your servers ring up orders in StorePoint POS, and StorePoint Kitchen Display System immediately brings them right in front of your kitchen staff eyes, no time wasted. Colorful ticket headers clearly indicate order waiting time, drawing attention to what has to be cooked and served first. Less late orders, more happy patrons and great saving on paper.

Next Steps…

Get a quote today and see how affordable StorePoint Restaurant POS is and why it is the chosen point of sale system among restaurateurs.

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