Restaurant POS and coronavirus

Restaurant POS and coronavirus, have influenced your restaurant operations more than ever. Most of the restaurants worldwide has been touched by the corona virus. The outbreak has touched how restaurants function and will function in future. If restaurant owners do not act now, they would soon face touch decision positions. Keeping up with technology is […]

4 tips for training staff on a POS System

One of the most overlooked aspects is training staff on a POS system. Few industries change faster than restaurant and retail. When you’re managing either a store or restaurant, you have no choice but to keep up with developments in tech and customer service. These days, as wireless and mobile technology continues to grow, more […]

Restaurant Online Ordering is exploding in South Africa


Restaurant Online Ordering is exploding in South Africa, with Mr D Food seeing order growth of 210%. The home-grown delivery service has processed over R500 million worth of orders the past 12 months and has over 270,000 monthly active users. Uber Eats and Mr D Food collectively account for 90% of South Africa’s third-party fast […]

Restaurant POS Benefits of StorePoint

StorePoint Restaurant POS software can provide a reduction in theft and an increase efficiency. According to a study by Cornell University on why restaurants fail, an estimated 26 percent of restaurants do not make it past the first year mark. The secret to making any restaurant operation successful is active management. Monitoring employee performance, offering top-notch customer […]

Benefits of Food Truck Point of Sale: Gauteng

Benefits of Food Truck Point of Sale caused food truck business to grow in Gauteng and so is the preference of food lovers. Since real estate is pricey, chefs, cooks, and experts at preparing mouth-watering dishes are choosing food truck over brick-and-wall restaurants. The key advantage of a food truck – completely mobile, capable of […]

Restaurant Online Ordering Revolution Gauteng

Online ordering makes frequenting your restaurant easy. How many times a day do you actually use your mobile phone to make a call? Now, balance that with how many times a day you use your phone to do an Internet search? If you’re like most people, you spend more time on your mobile device looking […]