Choose your retail POS System

If you plan on having a retail store, you will need a point-of-sale (POS) system to complete sales, track inventory, and manage other aspects of your small business.  But deciding on a Retail POS system can feel overwhelming. Some are easier to use than others. Some give you better reporting than others. To help you narrow your … Read moreChoose your retail POS System

5 ways to ensure a more profitable future in retail

It’s clear that the retail landscape is in a state of a major transformation. Thanks to disruptive technologies and changing consumer behavior, traditional retailers are under increasing pressure to keep up with digital-first companies such as Amazon, Takealot, Superbalist, etc. A large SA retailer that employs approximately 40,000 people, is implementing a survival plan to … Read more5 ways to ensure a more profitable future in retail

Restaurant POS Benefits

Here are a few things which can be taken care of by using a StorePoint POS Restaurant Management system: Table Restaurant Management. Creating Multiple Menus Order Customization with Modifiers Different Menus for special events with Special rates and taxes Add/ Split Bills Multiple payment Gateways Manage Dine-in Services Manage Delivery Take away Management Multiple Reports. On-line … Read moreRestaurant POS Benefits

Advantage of Cloud-Based POS System

Technology moves on and new features are often launched. Today many POS Systems are cloud-based and this can be a real advantage as it offers many features and facilities to your store. Here we list some good reasons to have a cloud-based POS system and increase your productivity. 1. Flexibility A cloud-based POS system can be accessed from any … Read moreAdvantage of Cloud-Based POS System

Point of Sale Bundle

CLOUD-BASED POINT OF SALE Choose Your Software Package Point of Sale Bundle works on a subscription model. Pay monthly and save on automation. The first 14 days are free. Retail Point of Sale Retail Shop, kiosk, clothing shop, liquor store, online store, vape store and Retail Point of Sale Cafe, bar Franchise Point of Sale … Read morePoint of Sale Bundle

Point of Sale inventory procedure


Receiving and Dispatching Stock Receiving goods from suppliers is a fundamental part of retailing. Due to the potential financial losses that can result, it is critical that staff follow the related procedures to ensure that this is done effectively. While different procedures apply to different merchandise, the following are typical receiving and dispatch procedures. Receiving … Read morePoint of Sale inventory procedure

OnPoint Retail Point Of Sale

OnPoint Retail Screen

The Benefits Software functionality benefits of Onpoint Retail POS Barcode Scanning – Commission Management- Customer Account Profiles – Discount Managemente – CommerceElectronic Signature – Gift Card Management – Inventory Management – Layaway Management – Loyalty Program Support – Multi-Location – Ordering Automation – Pricing Management – Restaurant POS – Retail Management – Retail POS Returns … Read moreOnPoint Retail Point Of Sale

OnPoint Retail integrates with Snapscan

onPoint Retail point of sale has now partnered with Snapscan, one of South Africa’s leading POS payment solutions. A SnapCode is a QR code (a square barcode) that is linked to a merchantSnapScan account. Customers use the SnapScan application to scan the code and then enter payment details (amount and PIN) to facilitate a payment to the merchant. … Read moreOnPoint Retail integrates with Snapscan

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