What makes a retail point of sale system the best POS system

Retail point of sale system are crucial for your retail business success. It is not easy running a retail business but having the right tools will ensure you are able to run your business more efficiently. I have put together a few pointers for knowing what makes a point of sale a good Retail POS, […]

5 Benefits of Tablet POS

April 10, 2019 18:22 pm by Maria Bowes Reduced upfront and long-term costs Compared to a traditionally integrated point-of-sale, which can cost tens of thousands in upfront fees for equipment and setup, a tablet POS system relies on standard computing equipment, such as an iPad or Android tablet or Windows tablet. In addition to the […]

Point of sale cash register and pricing

Point of Sale Cash Register. So, you decided you want to open a new shop or restaurant and one of the things you would need is a point of sale cash register system. You search on the internet and find a company that has an advertisement for a point of sale system. Depending on if […]

5 Benefits of support agreements

Support agreements forms the base of proper IT support. When you are looking for business IT support, you can find various types of contracts and agreements. You could just decide to Pay As You Go (break/fix) basis, pay in advance for blocks of hours, or choose a fixed price IT support contract which includes the […]

Benefits of cloud-based POS

We are often asked by prospective clients why StorePoint cloud-based POS would make an excellent choice when choosing a point of sale system, and here are the reasons: 1. Flexibility A StorePoint POS can be accessed from any devices as long as it has a browser. From a phone or a tablet, from work or […]