Online Food Ordering for office lunch

Online food ordering has changed the world. Lunch at the office used to be a low-tech undertaking. In a city center office, employees would go downstairs to grab a meal at a local restaurant. In a larger organization, they would frequent the lunchroom or cafeteria. However, as more food is ordered online, workplaces are joining the […]

Free POS and Online Food Ordering

Free POS and affordable Online Ordering Has Never Been Easier! We understand that the Corona Virus has changed the restaurant industry for ever. With international lock down and the uncertainty how long this will stay in place, restaurants needs to be strategic. StorePoint and Starvin Merlin has come together to put a package together where […]

Restaurant Food Ordering Stats

Restaurant Food ordering has come to stay and has shown tremendous growth. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: the popularity of online ordering is on a meteoric rise. From giants like Amazon to small startups, direct-to-consumer delivery and pickup options have swept the country. Restaurants are no exception. With the rise in […]

Restaurant Online Ordering is exploding in South Africa


Restaurant Online Ordering is exploding in South Africa, with Mr D Food seeing order growth of 210%. The home-grown delivery service has processed over R500 million worth of orders the past 12 months and has over 270,000 monthly active users. Uber Eats and Mr D Food collectively account for 90% of South Africa’s third-party fast […]

Restaurant Online Ordering Revolution Gauteng

Online ordering makes frequenting your restaurant easy. How many times a day do you actually use your mobile phone to make a call? Now, balance that with how many times a day you use your phone to do an Internet search? If you’re like most people, you spend more time on your mobile device looking […]